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What A Hurricane Does To Your Roof

Hurricanes are a devastating evil sweeping across Florida multiple times a year. Their strong winds can violently tear off shingles, tiles, and whole roof decks. These dangerous winds can also cause indirect damage by flinging debris on your roof. These events are a “Legion of Doom” featuring deadly elements that unite to spell disaster for property owners across Florida. Roof Heroes is standing by for save to help with Hurricane Roofing; here’s what you can expect so you may be better prepared.

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High Winds
These can rip off your roof’s protection like the shingles or gutters. Even worse it can send foreign objects that can pierce holes in your vulnerable roof.
Heavy Rains
Flooding and leaks, great for Aquaman’s home but terrible for yours. Pouring rains can cause excessive wear and tear to your house, severely “aging” it in the process. What once protected you yesterday, now needs a replacement sooner than it would have otherwise.
Lightning Strikes

Thor’s hammer doesn’t hold a candle to the destructive effects lightning can have on your roof. It could blow a hole clean through it, have the roof erupt in fire and rip the gutters/shingles off the property. These cases happen yearly and while there’s nothing you can do to prevent it, Roof Heroes will do everything to repair it.

What property owners can do to save their roof

Preventative Hurricane Measures
Last year’s hurricane season shattered records as it generated around $60 billion in damage. Properties were devastated, some homeowners even had to seek temporary shelter since their roofs were severely damaged. There’s nothing you can do to stop a Florida hurricane, but there’s a lot you can do to be a hero and save your property.
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Hurricane Roofing Tips

There’s nothing more a storm loves than attacking a vulnerability in your roof. You give yourself the best chance at fighting back against mother nature when you have annual inspections. From here any issues can be repaired and eliminated. The rest is making sure debris such as tree branches aren’t causing any further damage. You either maintain your roof like a hero or ignore it long enough to become its villain.

Make Sure Your Roof Is Up To Date
The majority of “modern” hurricane code changes took place in 1996. If your roof was installed anytime before 1997, you are most likely in need of a new roof replacement. This replacement will contain all the hurricane code improvements that have saved countless properties since the change. Don’t panic if your roof was installed before 1997. As long as it is still workable, then requesting if any hurricane improvements can be made will save a future of headaches.
Make Sure You Have Emergency Roof Funds
The worst nightmare has become a reality! Now, you need a repair or replacement after a hurricane, except there’s a setback as so do the other residents around you. Even if you have insurance, payouts are infamously sluggish after a major weather event. Having the funds ready will put you at the front of repair lines when you don’t have to wait for the check. Just remember to check your policy and gather an understanding of what will/won’t be covered.
Service Any Surrounding Trees
If there are trees near your house that you have permission to take care of, then definitely do so. Any trees that require trimming or to be fully cut down are dependent on different factors. These factors include the type of tree, how long it’s been there and how the last hurricane has affected it. Some trees are conditioned to weather storms in hurricane-prone regions such as Florida. By trimming your tree, you are eliminating added potential disasters to your property.
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