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Your emergency is our priority

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Severe weather is no stranger to South Florida. You might as well call it family with how often it comes around. Roof Heroes act quickly to keep your property and valuable assets protected. Our emergency roof services defend your home from catastrophe.

Tarping Process

What to expect when we come to the rescue

Tarping is a vital practice done in emergency services that stops a roof’s condition from worsening. It allows homeowners to catch themselves, assess the situation with us and restore their property

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Tarps Are Fast Solutions For

These unexpected South Florida occurrences can cause severe harm to your roof at any moment.

Here are some solutions Roof Heroes can aid you in during your crisis

Roof Heroes respond quickly to keep your Florida property protected. Our expert services for emergency restoration include a complete inspection of your property’s damage, claims assistance, repairing your roof system and so much more.

Quick, On-Site Damage Assessment

Addressing damage quickly is the key to preventing additional property loss, moisture-impacted ceilings, walls, and objects inside your home or business. Roof Heroes will swiftly arrive to mitigate the costly after-effects of a storm.

New Roof Materials on the Scene Quickly
In the aftermath of a strong South Florida storm, roofing supplies can be depleted quickly due to widespread demand by the impacted residents and businesses. Roof Heroes has the team and the technology to obtain your roof materials install without delay. Be the first in line for roof restorations. Call Roof Heroes!

Save Your Property Before It’s Too Late

The team behind Roof Heroes has years of experience inspecting and performing emergency roof work throughout communities in West Palm, Miami-Dade and Broward County.

 You didn’t ask for these sudden problems but you can definitely call on us to take care of them.

We are a versatile commercial roofing company that takes pride in doing high quality and reliable work.
We are a versatile commercial roofing company that takes pride in doing high quality and reliable work.