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Our roofing contractors team is full of members who embody a strong work ethic with homes in the Sunshine State gleaming. Our team carries 30 years of roofing industry knowledge and experience that ensures your project is completed on schedule, within the budget, and to your satisfaction.

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We were sick of driving down countless streets seeing low-quality installation after installation. Roof Heroes was founded to save citizens from spending hard-earned money on mediocre work. We utilize our background in roofing technology alongside the latest advancements to treat your property. Our “Heroes” take the time to research the best practices, then apply their master hands to create astounding results. You can trust and look to a team of roofing contractors when you need the job done right.

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When you team with Roof Heroes, you partner with master builders that not only have a passion for protecting your property, but also enhancing its value. Major roofing projects can be stressful, but with our crew of trained professionals and project managers, you’ll experience how easy roofing can be when you leave the hard work to “Heroes.
Roof Heroes Logo
We are a versatile commercial roofing company that takes pride in doing high quality and reliable work.