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He just wants to be alone in his swamp. The iconic Shrek is a beloved franchise about an ogre, who lives in a swamp, and goes through a crazy journey of comedy, action, and finding true love’s first kiss. But during all of this, the one constant that has remained in Shrek’s life is the love of his home, his murky, dirty, smelly swamp. He loved his swamp so much that he was happy alone in his swamp for as long as his story began. Shrek went from being alone in the swamp to starting a family there. Our roofing company Hollywood FL Roof Heroes loves what the story of Shrek is all about. We love Shrek; however, if we were in the Dreamworks world of happily ever after, we would perform an inspection of Shrek’s home and offer our take of making his swamp safer from the elements for his family. He can protect his family from angry villagers with torches and pitchforks, but can he protect his family from natural disasters? Our roofing company Hollywood FL is excited to share our take on how to improve his swamp.

shreks swamp by a roofing company hollywood fl
From Dreamworks Animation: Shrek (2001) film
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From Dreamworks Animation: Shrek (2001) film

“We are in your swamp to perform a free inspection of your home. When was the last time you had your tree trunk examined for damages?”

Shrek’s Swamp warned us, “Beware Ogres,” but did not warn us of the state of condition the home was currently in. We appreciate the love Shrek has for his home, but we think that a few changes to his roof and gutter system would make a big difference in his swamp curb appeal.

The Tree trunk is the centerpiece and the chimney of the home, and it is the standout piece and brings the entire home together, we do not want to mess with that but instead improve upon it. We would like to use clay roof materials, and would use barrel tile and place it directly under the tree, giving the home protection that can last between 30-50 years. The colors can fade overtime, but in this case it will work because it can blend naturally with the tree trunk. The gaps between the tiles help conserve energy costs because they reduce heat from shining in. The durability of clay can withstand the elements and will look fantastic with the swamp. The heavier material too will also be able to withstand the strength of the tree trunk as well as other natural elements. 

We’d run gutters around the ends of the trunk’s stems, and use the stems as natural rain guards to protect the gutters from clogging. The importance of the gutters is to reduce liquid build up on the roof and to protect the interior of the home from receiving excessive rain.

shrek and his swamp by a roofing company hollywood fl
From Dreamworks Animation: Shrek (2001) film

Ogres Are Like Onions

The layers of the home and the roof matter to the value and protection of the home. Our roofing company Hollywood FL can provide free inspections to every homeowner, ogres, donkeys, angry villagers, and all kinds of creatures alike! Feel free to book with us to build and protect the swamp of your dreams!