Roofer Hollywood FL Helps You Decide Between Light vs Dark Roofs

There are many factors to consider when choosing the color of your roof. Some people prefer dark roofs because they believe they keep the house cooler in the summer. Others prefer light roofs because they think they are more aesthetically pleasing. No one can definitively say which color is better, dark or light. It really depends on your preferences and the specific climate where you live. Roofer Hollywood FL have built many roofs and understand the environment surrounding the decision on which one to go with. The color of your roof coordinates the color of the rest of the home, so making the right decision is essential, but understanding how to make it is what is important.

colored roofs from roofer hollywood fl

The Color Choice

There are many different factors to choose from, color palette and environment play a bigger role than you can imagine.

Contrasting colors play a role in how to determine which color to use on your home. If you have a darker roof, then the proper color of your siding should be lighter, and vice versa. Contrasting colors pop more and look more appealing to the eyes and improve curb appeal. Contrast is a very popular color scheme, and roofer Hollywood FL homes are trending toward this with many high end “smart homes” following this contrast feature with darker roofs and lighter sidings.

A very popular color palette for homes of the 90s was the monochromatic color scheme. This design style incorporated the color of beige across most of the exterior of the home. They had beige roofs, siding, and trims on the home. The shade of beige varied depending on the home but was a focus point of the color palette.

From a roofer Hollywood FL roofing many Florida homes, a lot of people think that having a darker roof means that the roof is taking in more heat making their home hotter and causing a heavier utility bill. This is true to a home that does not receive a properly insulated roof that can impact the interior temperature of the home. When we install roofs this is not a problem to consider so don’t let the concepts like home temperature affect the decision on what color roof to have.

Choose The Color, Then Choose Us

Your home is going to look better than it ever has before, roofer Hollywood FL have all the experience to help homeowners like those who read our blogs understand that having the right roof for their home makes the value of your home all the better. Book an inspection with us today to determine which option is right for you!