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Roof Tarping

Many types of weather can create excessive stress on your roof. Emergency roofing tarping is an incredibly valuable service as it gives a needed layer of protection to properties. This will help prevent further damage or complete destruction in the event of Florida’s frequent unwanted visitors blowing through town.

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An emergency roof tarp saves more than your property

What’s In Our Affordable Roof Tarping Services

It’s important to know what property-saving benefits come with a roof tarp cover. Living underwater has never been wanted by any property owner not named Aquaman. Don’t let those leaks and other deficiencies turn into something bigger from a storm. Take a look at what you should expect from your roof tarp installation below!

We will return to reinstall it at no added costs if the tarp comes off during normal weather patterns.
When to Tarp Your Roof

The answer is pretty straightforward either when you notice signs your roof has been compromised or a major storm is coming and your roof has not been serviced in a while. A failure to mitigate damages can lead to a denial of your insurance claim. It is vital to get on top of any affected areas as soon they become apparent. Damage could appear in the form of:

Steps to Your Protective Roof Tarping
The average property owner in Florida has many questions when it comes to the roof tarping process. From the cost to tarp a roof to what the process is like. Roof Heroes aren’t psychics, just an experienced roofing team that knows what our clients want, which is to be informed. Save time and read what to anticipate when you get your tarp roof cover.

The best roof tarping services in Florida

The Types of Roof Tarping

Throwing a blanket over your roof won’t help protect your home from a hurricane’s destructive forces. There are different commonly used tarps that are seen protecting residences across the state of Florida. Find out what makes roof tarping such a big part of our utility belt.

Poly Tarps
The Blue Tarp (also called Blue Poly Tarps) is a material often used to protect roofs made with layers of Polyethylene plastic. These are lightweight waterproof components that also have the bonus of being: heat, tear, mildew, abrasion and UV Ray resistant. They come in a variety of colors, weights and even features that give residents the option to get what’s best for them.
Vinyl Tarps
Another roof tarping champion comes in the form of an extremely durable cover, a Vinyl Tarp. You can call this the “Incredible Tarp” because of its resistance to punctures, tears, abrasions and the other shared features from Poly Tarps. These are heavier tarps whose main purpose is also to protect anything underneath its cover. When you need immediate protection for your roof, Vinyl/Poly tarps are major factors in keeping your house secured in a storm.
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