Benefits of Metal Roofers

Did you know that shingles have been the most commonly used roofing material across the United States? Why is that? Shingle is affordable and comes in many different styles, but did you know that metal roofing has those benefits and more? Metal roofing is a unique roofing material that has continued to grow in popularity for both residential and commercial properties. When you hire metal roofers, you’re getting experts in the installation process for metal roofs, because it is more complex than it is to install shingle.

metal roofers

Metal is Durable

Metal is one of the most durable roofing materials and is also the most lightweight material, which makes this material easy to transport and bring onto your roof. It is durable, so it is more resistant to extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, heavy rains, and hot summers with the sun beating down. In addition, metal roofs are fireproof. 


The ultimate measure of durability is how long my roof will last in the area where I live, and how well it will protect my house. This roof material has a life span longer than 30 years, so it may not be a problem for generations of people to live in the house.

Metal is Energy Efficient

Light and UV rays are reflected by metal, making it an efficient source of energy. Through metal reflecting UV rays, your home will use less energy by absorbing less of the rays and preventing them from entering. The end result is that metal will save home owners money on energy bills, and can save on average $80,000 in its lifetime.


Because metals are made of recyclable materials, they are environmentally friendly. Because of its light weight, it’s easier to transport, making it a more efficient material to use as a recyclable material. Because it is recyclable, these roofing materials do not end up in landfills like asphalt shingles. It also means that a new roofing material can be installed on top of the metal material, reducing waste.

Negatives of Metal

Metal is also louder than other materials because it is lightweight and durable, and it creates louder sounds when it is impacted by heavy rain. As you will not hear it inside or outside your house, it will not be a problem for you.

Metal roofing materials are more expensive in terms of actual value, so all these benefits do come at a price. It costs twice as much as shingles to install metal roofing, causing some people to abandon the idea. Moreover, metal roofs can be complicated to install, but a Metal roofer will be able to resolve that.

Your Next Metal Roofers

Roof Heroes are the metal roofers you need for your next home project. As a roofing company that prides itself on helping homeowners have the best roofs on the market, it’s important to educate them on the benefits of going metal. Metal can come in many styles and colors, so you can have metal match the style of your home. Metal can be the best option for your home upgrade, so go with the roofing contractors at Roof Heroes to set your home up with the best materials.